Innovation Zone – How can you build your own R&D center externally?

  • In the Innovation Zone we create proof of concepts for our clients on and off-site.

  • It is the most economical, quickest and most realistic way to check if the idea really makes sense and should be developed further.

  • There are already a wide range of projects that have originated from Innovation Zone at Cybercom like for example: Blockchain app or a smart helmet.

What is the Innovation Zone?

Imagine a place where you can evaluate new ideas, create prototypes and where innovative concepts come true at an agile pace. The Cybercom Innovation Zone is such a place. It’s the perfect solution for Makers of tomorrow who have an opportunity to come up with new ideas that they can test by running pilot products. This is where creativity happens. There is no time to overanalyze or worry about errors which will inevitably happen during the process. The zone’s mantra is if you don’t try, you’ll never know. So learning during the creation process is the first goal. Different people who are engaged in projects create cross-functional teams that use their diverse skills to make an idea a reality. We provide a place to collaborate with clients and partners, develop new ideas, and test emerging commercial technologies. Innovation Zones have been working in Cybercom’s offices for a while now but it’s time to take this project to the next level.

From internal projects to external R&D solutions…

The numbers speak for themselves – 75% of respondents in Corporate Research & Development Report 2018* said that they use external support R&D projects. On many occasions, a company is not able to implement or even start a project with its own resources. Big and medium enterprises face some difficulties in working in a start-up mode as it may not be an integral part of a company’s culture or mindset. In addition, timelines for in-house projects can prove to be too long. This is true when one considers that innovative projects, which may lose their competitive edge within two years, need to be done as quickly as possible. Another difficulty is that a company may lack the appropriate internal resources to create an innovative project. An external R&D solution will always have professionals with the right competencies and skills. The true value of using an Innovation Zone is in how quickly it can produce a first prototype. The rapid development and testing of ideas reduces the client’s risk to investment in new technology. The most effective results are attained when business and technology join forces – working with the client during the creative process provides better results. The start-up method of developing an idea ensures that the results are very effective – you can touch the final product, see what still needs to be done and which solutions better suit your company’s needs. This flexibility is of paramount importance in tech solutions.

How does it work?

In the Innovation Zone we create proof of concepts for our clients on and off-site. The idea is to draw up an outline of a solution together and generate something that is ready for use – users’ feedback is utilized to improve the product. The whole process starts with discussing with the client what the problem is and then choosing a solution. The next phases are the creation of a prototype, then proof of concept and finally testing. It gives the client an opportunity to experience the potential effects and real interactions within the new product or service. Because of this process, fast and tangible solutions are easily obtained. It is also the most economical, quickest and most realistic way to check if the idea really makes sense and can be developed further. There is already a wide range of projects that have originated from Polish Innovation Zone. These can be apps such as the one Cybercom developed that utilized Blockchain technology in which we introduced a digital signature by shortening and facilitating secure documents flow. They can also be more complex such as the idea we developed with the use of AI and machine learning to design and support CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems, and 3D modeling using laser scanning and point clouds. Another project created in our Innovation Zone is based on IoT solutions implemented in partnership with a client – a smart helmet that improves safety and efficiency on construction sites.

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We are very much open to co-creating innovative solutions with our clients. Thanks to the Innovation Zone it is possible to verify ideas in the fastest and most economical manner. As a result, the client has an opportunity to decide if the project should be developed further and if it ought to be implemented.


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