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A constantly changing world

Technology has changed and is constantly changing the world around us.This is not up for discussion. However, the positive transformation of reality is a long and difficult path. This begs the question: what can we as people or business organizations do to actively participate in this process? It all starts with our worldview and the individual sense of urgency. At this point, we should consider which of the following statements concern us: the world is a safe and friendly place, or is it dangerous and evil? Is it a good choice to place our trust in other people or should they be regarded as untrustworthy? Is it getting worse, or are we heading in the right direction? Each of us should answer these questions for ourselves. A wise man once said:  “If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Our thoughts create the perception of our reality. So if we look at it through a positive prism, then our driving force is created naturally. This rule, although seemingly simple, has been confirmed by independently conducted research in the United States and the UK, in which optimists earned significantly more than pessimists. Is this merely a coincidence?

A true force for sustainable development

Once we have come to the conclusion that we really do have an impact on the world and we can change it, it is time to ask: what requires such a change? What is the starting point for humanity in today’s world? In the last 20 years, the percentage of the world’s population living in poverty has changed significantly – and probably many people will be surprised, but this number has diminished by as much as half! Why does it not feel like this for the majority of us? The answer is simple. We succumb to cognitive illusions, assessing the reality around us in a very subjective way.  Building a better world requires effective actions based on facts and not illusions. The development of this idea can be found in the book “Factfulness”, which Bill Gates has rated as one of the most important books he has ever read. We can ignore this book and absolutely nothing will change. However, once we realize that we possess a driving force, the next step is to understand what is to be done? However, there’s no need to guess as the Global Compact organization has identified 17 sustainable development goals that have also been identified by the UN. These goals , which should be fulfilled by 2030, relate to achievements in areas such as people, the planet, prosperity, peace, and partnership. However, it is worth remembering that their implementation is not a matter of goodwill or a task only for governments or non-governmental organizations, but is a general goal for all of us: business, employees, consumers. Of course, experts are convinced that it is a huge challenge mainly taken on by organizations around the world – they will either write sustainable development into their strategic goals or … they will disappear from the market.

What about the digital world?

Digitalization is the application of new technologies in organizations in order to increase the efficiency of operations and generate new revenues from products and services. It is a necessary element, but insufficient to achieve the goals of sustainable development. We should keep in mind that this is only a tool that requires premeditation in action. Digitalization through the effective implementation of sustainability goals allows for achieving a long-lasting business advantage. An example of such a solution can be found in the backyard with Cybercom’s cooperation with Husqvarna. In the process of co-creating software for autonomous mowers, it turned out that the real mission of Husqvarna is not the production of tools, but providing the world with green space. The product’s innovation lies in the fact that it can work practically without any interruption so that the mowing of all the lawns on the planet would require a definitive number of mowers. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to change the company’s business model into a service model that implements the idea of ​​a sharing economy, pursuing Global Compact’s goals. After all, the world does not need more mowers but more beautiful lawns! There are many more examples but this is not the point – still it is good to remember that business carries a great responsibility.

And what about us – what can we do to help? The first step is to increase our awareness, reading, discussing, not believing in fake news and the apparent worldview. Inquisitive people usually make deliberate choices. Speaking of the election … We should ask ourselves – do we need to have an item or just use it? This is the way to experience the world, instead of being attached to objects. It’s not only better but cheaper. Change is in each of us. In addition to our consumer decisions, we can also vote with our feet! How? It could be working at an organization that has already written the goals of sustainable development into their strategy or simply by making a change that we want to see in the world by creating sustainable development activities for our organization! Trust us, the head of every organization cares about this – as does everyone who wants to survive in business.

About the Author: Jan Matulewicz

He has been associated with the IT industry in various roles since 2004. Technical documentation specialist, tester, java developer, team leader, project manager, line manager, product owner and finally – the Head of Software House. He is a graduate of Center of International Education at the Lodz University of Technology and Executive MBA at the University of Lodz.

He’s an enthusiast of technology in the service of humanity, information humanism and engineering of miracles. An occasional lecturer and personal development coach. He supports the theory of the world of good, work as a natural human need and the enrichment of societies.

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