No pain, no gain … but the effort must be balanced. This is why satisfying long-term cooperation is possible only when you care about proper functioning both at the mental and physical level. What makes work fully comfortable? A holistic approach of the employer!

  • The trend of wellbeing refers to the removal of all highly stressful factors, ensuring proper development and safety as well as taking care of an employee’s fitness.

  • A friendly workspace with a place to relax and play as well as to concentrate properly combined with a functional design can make a real difference – in Cybercom, we have rocking chairs, billiards, as well as a mini library and we, use them all!

  • Proper nutrition, motivating each other to play sports, workshops related to mental and physical health or the environment, supporting charity and having fun together during integration events after work – everyone will find something for themselves.

Space matters!

A developer in Poland spends about 2000 hours a year in a workplace – no wonder their environment can affect morale and even the quality of their duties so strongly. A well-designed office is one of the factors that increase the level of comfort. The design of the Cybercom office in Łódź was adjusted to the needs of employees. Depending on the assigned team, you can work in properly separated spaces or in rooms for several people. According to the design, the parts of the office are soundproof and separated so that they are suitable for their purpose – spending time, integration and business or project meetings requiring concentration. Before the move in 2017, a survey was carried out. We surveyed not only the needs of employees, but also each of them had an influence on the shape and design of the new office. The employees turned out to be really engaged. The process started with the selection of the names for meeting rooms and this way we have: Dexter’s Laboratory, Grove, Casino, Krańcówka, Funfair, Milky Way, Nebula, Mars, Fabryczna. Then we tested the furniture that was supposed to be used in our new office and together we made a decision related to the most convenient solutions and the space intended for entertainment. We did not end with a place for ping pong and trambambula – billiards turned out to be the most awaited. Now, everyone can play during the break; the employees even have their own cues and organise mini tournaments – all of this takes place in a common, huge kitchen, which is a very comfortable space for conversation, integration or a moment of rest with a good book from the company mini-library. The zone with special hanging chairs with a view on the new Łódź Fabryczna station and the renovated EC1 power station is a great place to relax and simmer down.

A sound mind is a sound body

Proper nutrition, sports, time for meditation, taking care of the quality of sleep – it all adds up to well-being. This is why in Cybercom we pay great attention to well-being. We promote these values, wishing that all of us enjoy not only everyday work. For a good start to the week, we provide everyone with a shot of vitamins by organising fruit Mondays. We know really well that bananas are the most important and there are countless anecdotes related to this fact.

We also conduct workshops as part of the health week – you can learn more about healthy eating habits, meditation, work-life balance or ecology. All of it builds awareness in Cybercom, creating a domino effect. We would like our employees to spread this approach around in their families and among their friends. This effect can also be seen in our IT Orient initiative, which is an orienteering race for cyclists and pedestrians. It is also one of the many forms of fostering CSR, which allows us to collect funds for a good cause in cooperation with a local foundation “Słonie na Balkonie”. Last year, as many as 200 people took part in the race. We collected PLN 8000 and the money was donated to support the people under the care of the foundation. Sport combined with charity is a perfect solution for us – for a few months in the year, we take part in the team competition on Endomondo. Together, we try to achieve the determined number of kilometers, which was 60 000 km last year. If we succeed, the kilometers are changed into real money, which is donated to a charitable cause chosen together by all employees. Of course, we also compete with each other, which is even more motivating. People who are in the top ten receive commemorative T-shirts during our company Christmas Eve celebration, which is, by the way, also charitable. Animals and the environment are also very important for us, and we can boast of effective actions in this field – this year, we collected two boots of feed on Valentine’s Day!

The strength of development

In our company, “personal development” is not just a phrase from a job offer. We all want to develop, broaden our experience and capabilities – therefore, we believe that the focus on soft skills and relationships is key to opening many opportunities. We do not give up on the actions targeted specifically at the progress of an individual – to do this, we use special development matrices and a system of feedback, which allow everyone to change the chosen path or pursue it in a more effective way. This year, we also offer a huge number of workshops. We invite the guests to our headquarters, but we also provide our employees with a chance to share their knowledge. We work with local associations, such as JUG Łódź, JUG Bydgoszcz. Training areas are also very varied, ranging from soft competencies, which we do not ignore, through the Agile training, ending with purely technical topics. A series of training courses on web technology aiming at the development of the Smart Parking production app may be one of the examples. The combination of practical and useful is our motto. Our employees can use a range of development opportunities by participating in conferences in Poland and abroad. We are planning many events promoting knowledge sharing culture, e.g. Development Day or World Book Day – many people are willing to take part in such events. There is also a special space in Cybercom designed for joint learning and development. It is the “Innovation Zone”, a kind of incubator of ideas, a place where the employees carry out projects using the technologies with which they do not have the opportunity to work every day (e.g. VR, IoT). The employees themselves propose the ideas for projects that should support the idea of sustainable development. They are the ones who play the key role of the participant of the project.

And what happens after work? The best answer is: what tigers like best.

We care for the relationships between us on an everyday basis, but we also willingly participate in events organised in a more informal atmospehere, away from the duties. Once a year, we organise an integration trip, a family picnic and a Hawaiian party. This year we will integrate with our colleagues from Denmark, Finland and Sweden during a meeting in Sweden, where our headquarters is. We should not forget about the bottom-up initiatives – we enjoy the fact that we do not have to convince anyone to take up different actions – summer cycling trips have become a standard in our company. Family and homely atmosphere is always something that facilitates communication and makes everyone feel comfortable.

Because friendly environment is the most important!

Nowadays, not only wages count – everyone wants to feel free in the workplace and we strive to do our best so that our workers are as satisfied as possible and have great opportunities for further development. Friendly environment is vital. Billards or workshops on water or bees are not for all, but everyone will find something interesting in the rich internal offer. Cybercom is a true well-being haven, where the focus on health, proper nutrition, sports, team building activities or possibility to relax during work pays off with satisfied employees. We want to feel good together, inspire each other, give an example and share knowledge – it has been working well so far and over time it can get even better.

By combining the Scandinavian working culture with the Polish one, we are creating fertile ground to strengthen values typical for us, the Poles, such as entrepreneurship, creativity and commitment. Relaxed style, direct tone of communication as well as all the comforts of the workplace can work wonders!

About the Author: Justyna Szwedkowicz

A senior HR Specialist for over 7 years now, mostly in IT sector. She is constantly developing in various projects from soft HR, employees trainings and education to employer branding. She supports Cybercom in organising internal events as well as a well-being program. She also helps with social media communication. Her goal is to create organisational culture which will allow employees to be themselves and to have an impact on their everyday life in Cybercom.

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