Medical intervention is a practical knowledge domain, which means that you need to practice to achieve mastery. Until now, the learning processes of many complex procedures have been constrained by various obstacles and exposed to errors inscribed in the very nature of knowledge acquisition. However, today we are lucky because “the patients’ role” in the learning process has been taken over, at least in part, by simulators. Thanks to the Connect project, medical science is entering a new revolutionary era in which the physical boundaries of sharing knowledge disappear.

  • The Connect project, which has adopted a sustainability approach by enriching the learning process – an excellent example of a safe and reliable product that is based on GDPR guidelines and Microsoft Azure modules.

  • Cybercom’s cooperation with VirtaMed, based on a nearshore basis, that allows for the digitization of the Connect Project.

  • The Cloud solution that has improved learning thanks to continuous information flow and quick data access.

Game changing simulation-based learning

VirtaMed AG, a Swiss company founded by innovators and engineers, produces the most realistic medical training simulators in the world. VirtaMed devices are already used all around the world, mainly in medical centers, hospitals and other facilities involved in training healthcare professionals. The company, which began as a small startup now employs over a hundred people on three continents. Simulations are highly realistic, meaning that during training the operator receives the same sensory feedback they would during a real operation. Future medical staff can use original instruments tools to practice their surgical skills before they start performing procedures on patients. Being able to learn under such conditions allows for the practical honing of skills which is of incredible value in modern medicine. The simulators also aid learning by allowing both trainees and teachers to monitor a trainee’s progress and identify areas for improvement.

Side by side – the partnership model between VirtaMed and Cybercom

VirtaMed was looking to establish a trusted external partner with the domain knowledge to spearhead Cloud connectivity development. After speaking with many companies in eastern and central Europe, VirtaMed selected Cybercom Poland as the best fit to help them expand their development reach. After this decision, we have developed a relationship of mutual respect, responsibility, and trust which has resulted in a daily flow of knowledge and expertise between us.

“Working together with Cybercom helps us face the challenges of our increasingly connected world. Over time we established a fast-paced and agile development collaboration that enabled us to implement a proof of concept within four months of the project kick-off. Cybercom’s skilled teams analyze and understand our business requirements; potential risks are swiftly identified, transparently communicated, and quickly resolved. We highly value this collaboration and look forward to long and fruitful working relationship with Cybercom.”- Benjamin Grauer, Head of Data Services at VirtaMed.”

The Connect Project – what is it all about?

Starting at the end of 2017, we organized a joint Discovery Phase Workshop, where we had the opportunity to get to know each other, determine the needs of the project, and draw up a roadmap for completion.

The main goal of the project was to take simulators  to the next level by connecting them to the Cloud as part of a global network. Benjamin Grauer has been working with the Cybercom team in sprints using the scrum meeting format. Even when cooperation has not always been smooth, solutions to emerging problems could always be found quickly.

Our first milestone was the medical technology conference IMSH in Los Angeles, held earlier this year. By presenting the possibility of data synchronization to the wider public  on these devices, we delivered our MVP on time. The Cloud-based solution, which combines and exchanges information through a central data collection, turned out to be extremely popular. At the very beginning, the devices were situated in different places without being connected to each other. Today it is possible to synchronize information and courses with devices and instantaneously send data from different locations. It is possible to set the training accounts remotely  so information can be moved without the actual access to the device itself.

Sustainability, digitalization and cybersecurity

VirtaMed simulators, in conjunction with the Cloud-based solutions provided by Cybercom, have the potential to revolutionize the field of medical simulation and education. These products allow medical professionals to use simulators to practice medical techniques in risk-free and non-invasive way. They can then learn from their mistakes and improve their skills. By offering these opportunities, Connect can drive the evolution of medical education and become a significant element in the learning process of medical trainees.

Of equal importance, Connect will allow for the secure and rapid collection and integration of data. For the first time, there is the opportunity to standardize medical training in such a precise way and thereby guarantee the skill-set obtained by each trainee.

During the process of digitizing the product, we focused on an important aspect: security. We specifically looked at the connection and exchange of data so that it would take place in a safe and stable manner. For this reason, we have chosen the highest standards, https encryption, x.509 certificates, basing the whole product design on a proven hosting module – Microsoft Azure. As a consequence, VirtaMed does not have to worry about any online-based attacks or the security of data that is transmitted daily.

New possibilities of development are opening up in front of us. We’re sure that VirtaMed, in cooperation with Cybercom Poland, will be able to strengthen its presence in the medical simulation market. We also feel proud to be a part of the Connect project which is very much sustainable from the business point of view.

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