• A navigation project that combines GPS with AR, displaying  directions on the road in front of the driver’s eyes.

  • A helmet that sends notifications to a supervisor if a construction worker has had an accident or is not using the required head protection.

  • A virtual office, with millions pieces of sensitive data that must be properly secured.



With billions of smartphones and millions of app developers – the ecosystem is dynamic, and its developments offer lots of innovative solutions. Cybercom engineers harness the potential of the mobile app market with projects perfectly matching the current trends. Here are three solutions that combine mobile and top technological challenges: AR, IoT, and cybersecurity.

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Augmented reality is on the way

AR applications base themselves on incorporating virtual content with real images. A huge advantage of this technology is the fact that it allows an accurate presentation of products and services, often in real time. There are different types of AR solutions. The ones based on 3D images permit the user to ‘paste’ virtual, three-dimensional models into their reality by using the camera on a phone. Others expand reality by adding information to the image. In such applications, you just point the camera at, for example, a building so that you can quickly see some data or fun facts about the object.  However, the most popular type of AR apps is strictly connected to gaming, using the player’s environment as a base. We are focused on the potential of AR and the GPS system. This creates an incredibly intuitive and useful navigation app that we will introduce along with the Finnish government by the end of this year. Thanks to this innovative solution, the application is easier to understand and has a much more user-friendly interface in comparison to traditional models as people can see a real road that they have to follow in order to reach their destination.

A helmet that calls for help

Everyday objects think for us. Paying bills, shopping or taking a cab are just some of the  examples of what the Internet of Things (IoT) world can offer. According to data from 2016, around 6 million developers worked on IoT solutions around the world, which increases year on year to meet the growing demand. The idea is to make everything more convenient, but at the same time safer. Sometimes such an advanced solution can help save a life or provide first aid – especially in a workplace where the risk of an accident is higher ,for example, on a construction site. The smart, connected helmet, which we have created in cooperation with Skanska Polska, in addition to its protective function, notifies supervisors via an app about a life threatening situation involving an employee. With a GPS-based system, accelerometer, temperature sensors , Bluetooth , LoRa communication modules and a simple application, this helmet can help in ensuring the safety of workers on site.

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Sensitive data in secure cyber-hands

Security is a topic that is of particular importance to Cybercom as we specialize in GDPR, the General Regulation on Data Protection. Your data is everywhere, no matter if you are working in a real estate office or in a factory. Although we store the data of our employees, customers, and our own as well , people often do not realize what risks this entails. Cyber security itself consists of all actions to keep our data protected, detecting and neutralizing cyber threats using multilayered endpoint protection platforms. As smartphones are the source of more and more sensitive information, cyber security on the mobile platform is becoming an increasingly important day-to-day issue. According to Apple’s statistics, the average iPhone user unlocks their phone at least 80 times a day, and up to 89% of people use Touch ID – a secure login based on biometrics. This is just one way to protect privacy and data on one’s mobile. We want faster but at the same time safer solutions when logging in or accessing our own data. This is especially true regarding settling taxes, giving out a medical prescription or other sensitive data on a smartphone. And this is the essence of our project which has been designed for the Finnish government. By 2020, Finland wants to abandon paper documentation, meaning that all public offices will operate with our applications. Data protection at this level must be of the highest quality! Signing documents with personal ID, access to applications via TouchID and FaceID, logging into the application through a verification process via secure and tested bank API are just some of the solutions we’re working on right now.

(Not) everyday mobile

These are just some of our mobile projects. Since people can no longer imagine their lives without a smartphone, it will surely be the most important tool in our daily lives to meet our needs.

As a consequence, app development is growing and will keep attracting the attention of programmers, who will once again amaze us with their creative mobile solutions, using new technologies and innovative trends like IoT, AR and Cyber security solutions.

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