Welcome to our blog! Let us introduce ourselves and find out who stands behind “Makers of Tomorrow”

We are truly happy that you are here and want to discover more about us. 🙂 We are a group of experts creating innovative solutions specialized in digitalization, software development, Internet of Things, Secure Connectivity and Cloud Services and so on. Our main goal is a digitally sustainable future and we are powered by Cybercom Group! More than 20 years of experience in digital project development and net positive impact gave us opportunity to gain valuable knowledge – which we want to share with the world!

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By presenting our unique know-how on the blog we will discuss different topics. We want to spread the word about sustainability in our digital world. Moreover, we would like to help other professionals by showing our solutions to problems every company faces at some point. How to implement great cloud systems? How to resolve information security issues? How to connect non-digital elements and benefit from it? And finally – why everyone should go for digitalization if they aim for great business results? These are just few examples in a sea of questions we want to answer.

At Cybercom, we enable other companies and organizations to benefit from the opportunities of the connected world, enhancing their competitiveness. Combining technical edge and strong business insight we provide innovative and sustainable solutions. We are a partner in strategic advisory, innovation, creation, testing and management of digital solutions that are ahead of the curve. We are 1300 Makers working in 5 countries in 15 different offices.

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What connects us is: Trust, Passion and Innovation!

We do believe in honesty, transparency as integrity which is a basis for generating trust internally as well as externally. As we are constantly developing projects, we always do it with passion and good energy that helps us to go the extra mile to boost our performance. The way we work, being proactive and open-minded makes us innovative thinkers who question, challenge and change the industry standards.

of expertise

Digitalization 50%
IoT 30%
IT Security 10%
Cloud 10%


We would like to share our knowledge and connect with other Makers of tomorrow like programmers, people passionate about technology, project managers, owners of technological and non-technological companies – everyone who wants to make the future a better place! You can work with us as our business partner, join our team or simply engage in discussion about digital word on our social media channels!